Wael Almahdi is a poet, translator, and health care professional,from Bahrain. A great deal of his work focuses on the languages of the Arabic-Persian literary tradition, which include Urdu, Turkish, and many other languages. A translator of more than twenty years, he is the winner of a high commendation from the Stephen Spender Poetry Translation Prize 2023 for his translation of a poem by Iraqi poet Kadhem Khanjar. His Arabic translations include Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” (published by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America), Carl Jung’s “Seven Sermons to the Dead”, and poetry by Hanan Issa, the National Poet of Wales. Recently, he worked as part of team that translated English texts in Arabic for the 2024 Diriyah Biennale.

A sample of Wael’s published work:

Wael’s first poetry collection, “A Series of Contraditions”, is scheduled to appear in 2024.

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