Wael Al-Mahdi

  • The Arabs reject democracy for as long as they can, and when they accept it they distort it.
  • We fought the devil for millennia until we discovered we were fighting ourselves.
  • A man in a village was caught reading a book.  He became the laughing stock of the village.
  • The most celebratory mood is one in which you don’t know what you’re celebrating.
  • The Middle East:  Iran – a nation blind with its former glory.  The Turks – a displaced nation.  The Arabs – a coalition of the Arabizers and Arabized.
  • If you’re going to do something out of weakness, don’t do it.
  • We are good zookeepers, except when we are keeping humans.
  • The Gnostics:  Did God create man?  Did man create God? – What if they both had the same creator?
  • Some rulers are drunk with Absolut power.
  • A large percentage of the world’s population has Hebrew names.
  • Arabic is a daily used Latin.
  • The Arabs see the West as a rival.  The West does not see the Arabs.
  • Israel is a parallel universe where the laws of the international community are suspended.
  • The difference between the past and the present, and the present and the future, is the source of our misery.
  • We don’t make our thoughts.  We receive them.
  • The unconscious:  that part of the brain which thinks without us knowing about it.
  • All paths lead to the brain.
  • Nature vs. nurture?  Without nature, there is no nurture.
  • The problem with truth is that it has many agents.
  • Humans are complex because they love to combine things.
  • How humans express truth:  poetry, philosophy, art, science, psychology, and fiction.
  • Love is nature’s way to stop us being too picky.
  • A finicky man will always be lonely.
  • America dominates.  China grows.  Europe unites.  Africa stagnates.  The Arab World deteriorates.
  • There is little to choose between the obsessively compulsive and the compulsively obsessive.
  • Being solitary and content is infinitely better than fantasizing about company.
  • Psychic growth is only accomplished through the grace of God.  No personal will is involved.

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