Introducing Mashriqi English مشرقى انگلش an experimental poetic style which melds Anglo-Saxon words with the Perso-Arabic tradition, to emulate the style of poetic languages like Urdu.

No Ārāmī

Not a lahza-e āshtī is mānda to me

all I have now is umīd-e fardā

this zindagī is a ranj-o-kamī

an overstretched tear and a khafa sadā

نوٰ آرامى

نؤت اه لحظهٔ آشتی از مانده تو مى

اؤل آى هڤ ناو از اُميدِ فردا

ذس زندگى از رنج و كمى

ان اوٰڤرسترئچت تير اند اه خفه صدا

lahza-e āshtī: a moment of peacem

mānda: left, remaining

umīd-e fardā: the hope of tomorrow

zindagī: life

ranj-o-kamī: suffering and scarcity

khafa sadā: choked voice














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