Mashriqi English is not a distinct language but rather a distinctive register that blends Arabic and Persian vocabulary and themes. Its aim is to craft poetry and literature that involves the styles of the grand languages of Islamicate culture, such as Persian, Urdu, and Chagatai. The writer employs a historically conscious approach, incorporating carefully chosen Perso-Arabic vocabulary into the text to mirror the nuances and imaginary of Islamicate literature. We hope more writers will embrace and refine Mashriqi English, creating a new movement that merges the rich expressiveness of English with the distinctive depth and pith of the Perso-Arabic tradition. I have written the below poem as an example of Mashriqi English.


No Face for Lovers

I nursed my wounded āberū

And now my dil is tang for you.


I thought my yār was ever true

Magar I did not have a clue.


When bād-e sabā blows anew

It makes me think of your khushbū.


Also, you can hear it read on Instagram: No Face for Lovers




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