Elia is a modern philosopher and man of wisdom who travels the world with his disciples and offers his views on both ancient and current issues.  He is the latest stage in the evolution of men of wisdom; he speaks freely and fallibly, is not a saint or prophet, and is not out to set up a religion.  At every stage of his travels his stresses this point:  that he is but a man, but that human wisdom is of sepreme and sublime value.  As always, his enjoins his listeners to self-awareness and critical thinking, and bids them to start their inner journey and to find themselves before they seek externally.

On Sin

You are horrified of prescribed and proscribed actions.  You call these sin.

But I ask you:  do we not need a new concept of sin? 

You are ashamed of the temple and would rather spend your night at the sin-house.  And unfortunately much goes on in the temple that is shameful.

And since we are embarrased of our forebears’ formulations, we tend to do exactly what they warned against; so that now sin is popular and the sin-houses are always crowded.

And when you have despise yourself in the womb of the darkest night, is that not a sin?

And when you eat yourself into an early grave, is that not a sin?

And when you bring yourself down in the company of lowly buffoons, is that not a sin?

And when you allow your down-to-earth greatness to slip from you, is that not the greatest sin?

The prophets of old said that sin blackens the heart, but I say:  sin pressures the brain and numbs the nerves.  And it might even give you a heart attack!


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