• Self-awareness is genius.
  • The world of form.  Plato idealized, the Buddha illusionized, the Gnostics demonized, Nietzsche aestheticized, Jung archetypified, the behaviorists denied, and the evolutionary psychologists instinctualized.
  • Ouch.  Older philosophies said:  banish the pain.  Our newer philosophy says:  tame your pain. 
  • Self-ignorance.  You only know the part of yourself that you think you know, and even that part you don’t always know.
  • Compound unconsciousness.  People are generally unconscious of their unconsciousness.
  • Stoke my fire.  Pain is the fire that burns away the fat.
  • Pain in the derriere.  If you take the world too seriously, it comes back and bites in the bum.
  • Valuator.  The genius invents his own values.
  • Mythicness of myth.  Myth is far from being simply a myth.
  • Self-decency.  Being larger than yourself, being larger than the situation, directing decency first at yourself, maintaining psychic hygiene, knowing when to quit, and knowing how to make a decent cup of coffee.
  • Three circles of the archetype.  Longing for the unknown; longing for the ideal; longing for the concrete. 
  • Ignorance.  When investigating the psyche, be quick to admit ignorance.
  • My ego is subject, the unconscious is object.  My health depends on the harmony of subject and object.  The mind hangs on the harmony of subject and object.
  • Ego struggle.  The ego fights the unconscious.  Then it submits to it.  Finally it reaches an understanding with it.
  • Religious numina.  Religions are legion, but the numen is one.
  • Conscious ripples.  A conscious thought is a surface aperture onto a huge underground river.
  • Roundness.  The brain is the world.  It happens that both are approximately round.  Many other mainstays of our world are round:  ovaries, eyes, testes, heads, edible fruits, eggs, sun, moon, wheels.  Are we to be surprised then that humans are fascinated with roundness?  It is adaptive to recognize and react to spherical objects.  But what of roundness as a symbol of psychic wholeness?  Perhaps it is a concrete symbol symbolizing a psychic phenomenon that cannot be better described.
  • Let the spirit expand and thus touch the depths of existence.


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