Wael Al-Mahdi (2010)


The gnawing, growing, roguish pain

For many years had been my bane

It saps my strength, this dreadful drain!


What soulful trick or sleight of mind?

Could this willful dragon finally bind?

I struggle in vain, dumb and blind.


Learned books I sought, to comprehend

How to take to flight, to transcend

And put this worry to its end.


Did I transcend ? not a small bit

With all learning, and all my wit

I came no closer to overcoming it! 



One Response to The Pain that won’t go away

  1. Myriel says:

    For me, pain is ‘a soulful trick’ indeed.
    As a spiritual path, it’s not one I would have chosen, but through it’s maze I’m beginning to hear the call of my soul and ‘re-member’ who I really am becoming. Practically speaking ‘what you can’t hear, you must feel!’ seems to fit some of the purpose of pain in encouraging growth.
    I can only speak personally, but your writing certainly speaks to me.
    PS Love ‘relating archetypes to mental modules’ makes sense.

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