Homie, I’m a code switcher
Rule ditcher, verse pitcher
They call me the glossary enricher
Word stitcher, poetic bewitcher

When I pen my letters, they say I’m quite lettered
A vocab trend setter, unchained, untethered
I say it better, while you stutter and dither
I can’t be bettered, semantically unfettered!

I encode the switch, switch up the code
Finish you in Finnish, leave you in sleep mode
Each idiom I unload contains an ode
Draining your brain with stylistic overload

Hujambo ndugu? Khaver, yalla bye
I like big words, I cannot lie, bhāyy
Es ist sehr geil, like latte chai
I’m the vox populi, c’est comme le Raï

Lughah, zabān, safa and dil
Lernante la lingvon with polyglot zeal
That’s my centra ideo, my cosa, my deal
Shocking those monoglots like an electric eel

Listen Hund, It’s about the je ne sais quoi
I listen to lessons in Jamaican patois
Crushing the Russian while staying bourgeois
Killing those declensions like a language fatwa

I know my amis, both faux and true
I’ll spit it in Cree, Pueblo, or Sioux
Drop a canto in Esperanto and Ido too
We intuit in Inuit, nous sommes fous de l’Urdu

Been a gamer of the grammer since 1996
I’m terse with the verse, no bones, no sticks
My Bahasa’ll burn your casa, davvero, no tricks
My limba is nimble so you better be quick

My Dari done made you worry, my Tajik is magic
My Persian incursion will leave you quite tragic
My Hindi will end thee, make you hemorrhagic
Please, my Sarkese will render you sarcophagic

Yeah I rock an accent, acute and grave
My Xhosa’s clicks are slick, my tones are suave
I’m Mosaic in Hebraic, invert you like Maga Krav
My Pushtu done crushed you, like a Kalashnikov

-W Almahdi


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