Saint Faith


By:  Wael Al-Mahdi (2012)


Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love. ~ Erich Fromm


My Faith, she walketh by my side

She frees my soul of every care

A sense of light shall here abide

The  scent of spring is everywhere.


The world has granted me this lot

Where sorrow has boldly left its mark

A lonely bed, an empty cot

The path is long and the shadows dark.


A voice, with pith, doth utter speech

“The mortal’s state: a cross to bear”

To them is given sorrow each

Be Faithful still?  Doth one yet dare?


Be patient, man, do nurse your plight!

Else death what hast thou more to fear?

To end life’s reign is nature’s right

Raise hell till then! And be of cheer!


The man of thought is of that weave

Of ancient myths and legends spun

These olden types of glyphs conceive

Here magic cast, there spells redone.


Saint Faith, in hope, with reborn soul

She poureth forth a healing balm

Where ere there burned a hellish coal

There reigneth now an air of calm.


Now sorrow be gone, and darkness flee!

My Faith doth break apart the gloom

Like mother Sun, whom all can see

She sets my heart in greenest bloom!

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One Response to Holding Fast to My Faith

  1. Fabio says:

    But Love is also an art…We use our mind to build our love. Do we use our head to build Faith? I don’t want to fall in the Dogma world! You cannot see the Moon every night, but you know it’s there…this is not Faith.

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